Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for custom order wigs?

I am currently doing custom orders for a standard price of around £350, after discussing the specifications of the dreadwig I will amend the price to either higher or lower i.e. a plain, simple and short request I would charge less to make, whereas a long, complex and multicoloured dreadwig with coontails and cyberlox would be more expensive! The price covers materials bought, my thorough hardwork, friendly customer service including updates throughout the process and time taken, I aim to take 1 month (but can be up to 2-3 months maximum depending on how much backlog of orders I have.) Made to Order options on the shop page are around £250. As I gain more experience and improve my craftsmanship I think it's fair to value the price accordingly. This is what I do for a living and still make a lot less than minimum wage, I acknowledge that it can be pricey for some but production is very time intensive and I go out of my way to put my genuine energy into making it perfect and providing the best customer experience. ^w^

How do I pay for a custom order? payment plans?

An upfront deposit of 1/2 the price is required to cover the material costs + so I can start working on ur order ASAP, rest can be paid upon completion. OR installment plans are accepted during the course of the commission, for example: 1/3 every month or 1/4 every fortnight. I accept PayPal or bank transfer (preferred).


For dreadlock wig parcels: Standard International orders are £13.80 and usually take 5-7 working days to arrive. Tracked+signed international is £17.80. Next day delivery is available for orders within the UK for £8.70

Can I get a refund/return?

Please contact me if you have any issues with either your purchase or custom order. If there is a fault on my behalf I will try my hardest to resolve or make amends in the best way fit to your circumstance. You may cancel a custom order and get a refund for your payments excluding the deposit fee (which is usually the inital 1/4 of the payment). If it's an issue of not being able to pay in time I don't mind holding onto it for a few months until you are able to pay, letting me know sooner rather than later is appreciated.

What's to expect in the future for Dreads n' Decora?

I'm in the process of designing more products such as printed shirts, handmade clothing + accessories + much more exciting stuff. I apologise for such low availibility of stock as I've been prioritising custom orders and they take much of my time, thanks for bearing with me! <3

How do I look after my wig//how does it feel to wear?

I've personally been wearing dreadlock wigs made by myself for many years and find they last up to a year with very frequent wear, after a while the quality may decline, storing them on a mannequin head will help keep it's shape and longevity. I make sure they are comfortable to wear and not too heavy and always provide a free wig cap with every order (as well as a handwritten note + dreads n decora sticker + business card). :] If the wig becomes dirty and you feel the colours aren't as bright I recommend hand-wash soaking it in a bucket of cold water with fabric softener or shampoo for 20 mins and then rinsing it out with water again. If the wig becomes fuzzy/messy after long term use, I highly recommend steam-heating it using a wet towel and straighteners to smoothen it out, there are tutorials on YouTube or feel free to message me for guidance.

What are the different types of dreads? Crochet/ Steam heat/ Wool

Dreadlocks are most commonly done by Crochetting. This is done by backbrushing and then crocheting kanekalon hair with a hook, there are many methods of doing this i.e twist n rip + backcomb interlocking. Overall it creates a classical dreaded look. Another type is Steam-heating; the kanekalon hair (jazzy jumbo braid texture kanekalon works better as it's made for sealing with heat) is lightly backbrushed, twirled and then heat fused with steam using a wet towel and straightners. This creates a smooth and neater look. The final type of dreading is Roving Wool which is made by dipping the wool into hot water + baking soda then rolling with hands on a surface such as bubble wrap. I haven't used this method much so far as it's difficult to install into wigs. If you are wanting to request this type I might be a biiit hesitant, the current wool colours I own are pink, blue, red and white. I am happy to do a mixture of different dreading types <3 ~My wigs are made out of synthetic/kanekalon hair.~ Feel free to get in contact (Facebook or Instagram works best) so we can discuss your vision and send reference pics, whether it be a block/side fringe, crochet/steam heated twirls, long/short, twirled or straight. I would be happy to do interesting themes and try something theatrical/creative in some instances!

How much for custom Scene Cut n' Styled wigs?

The process involved is buying a base wig, cutting, styling it and sewing the fringe netting so that it flows in a feathered side swept style, if needed. It would help a lot if you have a link to the wig you'd like me to work on otherwise I am happy to do a search and get back to you with the options. Base price for this is £100-£150 with coontails/accessories etc. £150-£200

Perler bead jewellery?

Please message on instagram/facebook and ask to see my current collection as I often make lots of perler bead clips/necklaces but don't have the time to photograph, edit and make listings for them!

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